More information about traineeships

What is the traineeship?

The traineeship (referred to as PEAT 2) forms an essential part of the route to qualifying as a Scottish solicitor.

The traineeship sees you complete your training within the workplace working under the supervision of a Scottish-qualified solicitor. During your 2 years as a trainee you will be required to fulfil certain obligations in order to demonstrate you are competent and ready to qualify as a solicitor.

Hearing about the experiences of other trainees can help you decide what type of traineeship or employer might be the best fit for you. Here are some case studies from trainees and read our monthly trainee blog to get some current insights into the world of a trainee.


Question Mark Icon   How much do trainees get paid?

The Law Society of Scotland has recommended that from June 1 2017, all trainees should receive the following salary, which is reveiwed on an annual basis:

£18,000 in their first year
£21,500 in their second year

Please note that whilst this is a recommendation only, all trainees must be paid the Living Wage as set by the Living Wage Foundation as a minimum. Training contracts failing to guarantee this salary as a minimum will be rejected by the Law Society. Our trainee salaries page goes into this in more detail.

Question Mark Icon    How do I find a traineeship?

It is up to you as the individual to find your own traineeship. Some employers recruit up to two years in advance, whereas others recruit as and when trainees are needed. Read about finding a traineeship here.


Question Mark Icon   Where are the traineeships?

Traineeships are available throughout Scotland. Here's a diagram to give you an idea of the spread of opportunities for trainees. If you'd like more detail, have a look at our trainee statistics.

 Geographical Area Small Snip

Traineeship statistics

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