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No matter what stage you are at on the route to qualification, the Society is here to assist you with your career planning. We know it's really important for you to have all the information you require to make informed decisions about your career and future.

On this page, you will find advice for finding a traineeship - including information on how to access an online film containing useful tips. In the rest of this section, you will find information on:

In other sections, you will find useful information on:

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Advice for finding a traineeship

There is no foolproof way of securing a traineeship. Firms and organisations often market themselves in universities, advising Diploma units and careers services of vacancies. Some firms recruit trainees during the undergraduate degree, others do not finalise recruitment plans until later - which could be while you are on the Diploma or beyond. Others will not advertise at all and may accept speculative applications. Ensuring you are aware of closing dates from an early stage will help as they come past quickly - and try to send in applications some time before the deadline - this will show potential recruiters you are enthusiastic about the traineeship and organised enough to submit it before the deadline!

Speculative letters

As some firms do not advertise training vacancies at all, it may be worth sending speculative letters. The Find a solicitor function on the Society's website helps you target firms by type of work and geographical area.

Preparing your CV and job applications

Advice about how to prepare a CV and application is available from the careers office of your university (even after you have graduated) and our own careers clinic. In addition, the Society offers the following general advice:

  • research the firms you are applying to and ensure that each application is tailored to that particular firm
  • explain what makes you stand out from everyone else with an LLB and Diploma
  • be prepared to explain why a particular job interests you and research all you can about the work that firm or organisation is involved in

Law Society online film

We have developed an online film with advice on looking for a traineeship. Roderick Wylie is the former Chief Executive of Murray Beith Murray and has many years of experience of interviewing prospective trainees and reviewing CVs and application forms. If you would like to access this film (free of charge), please click here. Please check your computer has compatable software to view the film by clicking here.

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