TCPD - FAQs for training providers

Below are the answers to some common questions in relation to trainee continuing professional development (TCPD), what it entails and information on TCPD licences. If you have any questions, please email

What is TCPD?

In 2011, CPD replaced the professional competence course (PCC), which trainee solicitors were required to undertake during their legal traineeship. All trainees who started their traineeship on or after 1 September 2011 should undertake TCPD.

The requirements for those undertaking TCPD are:

  • All trainees must undertake a minimum of 60 hours of TCPD.
  • All trainees must undertake a minimum of 40 hours of TCPD from an authorised provider.
  • A trainee is entitled to undertake relevant TCPD with a non-authorised provider, to contribute towards their 60 hours (there is no requirement to do any non-authorised TCPD).
  • As part of the minimum of 40 hours authorised TCPD, trainees must undertake a four-hour mandatory ethics course from an authorised provider. This ethics course should take place between months nine and 15 of the traineeship.

Trainees are strongly encouraged to undertake more than the minimum requirements of TCPD; TCPD is a benchmark which trainees and trainers should aim to surpass. TCPD is an essential element of the traineeship and trainees must be released to enable them to attend TCPD training.