Trainee roadshows

In 2016 we launched a brand new series of local events for trainee solicitors across Scotland. They're completely free of charge to attend and are designed to support you.

We had a really successful launch; in fact 98% of last year's attendees said they'd recommend the events to other trainees!

We run 2 separate roadshows annually, one for 1st year and one for 2nd year trainees. They're tailored specifically to the stage you're at and deal with key issues that you inevitably encounter at certain stages of your traineeship.


Networking Icon Hear from our experts on relevant topics to you

Trainee roadshow for 1st years

Starting your traineeship can involve having to deal with some complicated regulatory processes and a big adjustment to the workplace. At this roadshow get all your questions answered and understand what's expected of you as a trainee.

Trainee roadshow for 2nd years

When you're coming up to the end of your traineeship, your focus shifts towards the NQ job market. Some of you will be retained by their firm, some of you won't, some of you won't want to be. It's important to understand your career options and understand that it's rare to have a linear career path. We invite speakers to come along to these events who all exemplify this; by transitioning to an area of work that they didn't get experience of during their traineeship, by going to work in another jurisdiction, by moving in-house from private practice or vice-versa. 

100% of trainees that attended in 2017 said they'd recommend this event to other trainees.


Q And A Icon Ask questions and openly discuss your experiences

We encourage everyone to ask questions, whether they're about careers generally, specific to your career, or about one of our speakers. This means you can really get the most out of the sessions.


Wine Icon Chat over informal drinks

These events are also intended to be a laid back opportunity for you to meet fellow trainees who are working in your area. Building up a good network and having friends in the profession can be really beneficial to your future career as well as crucial to your general wellbeing.


Location Icon Attend at a venue local to you

We host these events accross Scotland in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, to make it easier for you to attend at a venue local to you.

All events will run in the evening.


Question Mark Icon What's coming up?

Trainee Roadshow for 1st years: Scheduled for October 2017

Trainee Roadshow for 2nd years: Scheduled for May 2018


Please note that places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Some events may be capped based on the capacity of the respective venues.

If you have any questions regarding our events, please email