General queries about the Society

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The Law Society is the professional body for all Scottish solicitors and sets the standards which practising solicitors must meet.  Whilst we can’t become involved in an individual’s legal affairs, we are an important part of the system of legal regulation which seeks to protect the public.

We can:

-          Help you find a solicitor.

-          Help you trace any law firm in Scotland, past and present.

-          Provide you with useful information, such as information on legal matters on buying a house, making a will, power of attorney, divorce and starting a business.

-          Explain the complaints process, including your solicitor’s responsibilities and how to contact the Scottish Legal Complaints Commisson.


We can’t:

-          Provide legal advice.

-          Recommend or appoint individual solicitors or firms.

-          Advise if you are eligible for legal aid (for that you must contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board)

-          Receive complaints directly - all complaints start with the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.




No, we cannot give legal advice but we can help you find the right solicitor to assist you. The Find a Solicitor function on our website allows you to search by the type of work you need carried out or search for a solicitor close to where you live.

The Society is governed by a Council made up of both solicitor and non-solicitor members. The Council is supported by a series of committees, again featuring solicitor and non- solicitor members.

You can find out more about how we're governed on our who we are page.