2015 scam alerts

Bogus calls seeking card payment claiming to be from a law firm

6 November 2015

What’s the scam?

We’ve received a report that a client of Mitchells Roberts, a law firm in Glasgow, had been contacted by phone by a bogus caller claiming to be from the firm. The caller asked for card payment over the phone for services in relation to a will. The caller said it was a ‘limited time offer’.

When the client phoned their usual contact at Mitchells Roberts to check whether the call was genuine or not, they were assured that the call seeking payment did not come from the firm. 

What are we doing?

The police have been notified of this attempted scam.                           

What should you do?

It is very unusual for a law firm to seek payment over the phone, particularly if it’s for something not previously discussed or agreed.

If you are contacted by someone asking for card payment over the phone, be sure to check the call is genuine by phoning the firm back on a number different to the one used to contact you.

You should always be suspicious of calls out of the blue seeking immediate payment for services that you have not previously spoken to your solicitor about.

Contact the police if you suspect a scam.

You can check if a firm or individual solicitor is genuine by using our Find a Solicitor tool.