2016 scam alerts

Fake solicitor calling themselves 'MB Norman Solicitors'

19 April 2016

What's the scam?

We’re aware of an attempt by scammers to pose as a law firm called ‘MB Norman Solicitors’. They claim to have an address in Dalkeith, Edinburgh.

There is no Scottish solicitor or practice of Scottish solicitors with that name.

Correspondence using the name ‘MB Norman Solicitors’ has been sent to a company in Canada. However, the attempted scam may be attempted elsewhere.

What are we doing?

We have reported this case to the authorities and the alleged scam is being investigated further.

What should you do?

If you are contacted by a ‘MB Norman Solicitors’, do not reply or engage with any offer of legal services. Contact the police if you suspect a scam.

You can use our Find a Solicitor tool to verify that an individual solicitor or law firm is legitimate or to find a regulated member of the legal profession in your area who can offer advice.