2016 scam alerts

Fake solicitor calling themselves 'Tallon Sculthorpe'

4 April 2016

What's the scam?

We've been made aware that an individual calling themselves ‘Tallon Sculthorpe’ is claiming to be a solicitor with the Scottish law firm Irwin Mitchell.

The individual has sent letters claiming to represent clients in the Glasgow area.

However, there is no Scottish solicitor with the name ‘Tallon Sculthorpe’ and this appears to be a scam.

Irwin Mitchell is a legitimate firm of Scottish solicitors with offices in Glasgow and across the UK and they have been made aware that an individual has fraudulently claimed to be a solicitor working for them.

What are we doing?

We have reported this case to the authorities and it is being investigated further.

What should you do?

If you are contacted by a ‘Tallon Sculthorpe’, who claims to be a solicitor, do not reply or engage with any offer of legal services. Contact the police if you suspect a scam.

You can use our Find a Solicitortool to verify that an individual is indeed a solicitor or to find a regulated member of the legal profession in your area who can offer legal advice.