2016 scam alerts

Scam offering legal services using the name 'Solicitor Legale'

16 March 2016

What's the scam?

We've been made aware of an alleged scam involving a fake legal firm calling itself 'Solicitor Legale' who are offering legal services. They claim to have an address at Baxter Place in Lhanbryde.

The names 'Isaac John', 'Caroline Macdonald', 'Jade Keith' and 'Ian Stewart' have been used in association with the fake firm.

What are we doing?

The relevant authorities have been notified of this attempted scam.                           

What should you do?

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from 'Solicitor Legale' in Lhanbryde, do not engage in any offer of legal services. Contact the police if you suspect a scam.

If you live in the Lhanbryde area and need help with a legal matter, you can find a legitimate and regulated firm of solicitors by entering your postcode into our Find a Solicitor tool.