Criminal law

Proposed Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex (Scotland) Bill

Consultation by Rhoda Grant MSP on a proposal for a Bill to make it an offence to purchase sex.

UK's 2014 opt-out decision (Protocol 36)

The EU Sub-Committee on Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection and the EU Sub-Committee on Home Affairs, Health and Education have launched a joint inquiry into the UK's 2014 opt-out decision.

Protocol 36 of the Treaty of Lisbon enables the government to decide, by 31 May 2014, whether or not the UK should continue to be bound by the approximately 130 police and criminal justice (PCJ) measures.

Reducing the drink drive limit in Scotland

This Scottish Government consultation looks at reducing the drink driving limit in Scotland.

Office of the Advocate General Consultation: Scotland Act 2012 - Commencement of Provisions relating to Supreme Court Appeals The Draft Scotland Act 2012 (Transitional Provisions) Order 2012

The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of those who will be involved in operating the provisions on whether or not the draft transitional order and the commencement order achieve the policy on which the governments are agreed. The consultation will also provide an opportunity to consider whether there are any further issues that need to be dealt with in the transitional order to allow existing cases to be dealt with under the new system.

Proposed Reform of Criminal Verdicts (Scotland) Bill

Michael McMahon MSP proposal for a Bill to replace the current system of three verdicts in criminal trials with two, and to increase the majority required for conviction.

Reforming Scots Criminal Law and Practice: The Carloway Report

This consultation is based on the recommendations set out in Lord Carloway's report on criminal procedure. The consultation paper seeks views on all aspects of Lord Carloway's recommendations and is intended as the first step towards legislating on his proposals.

Making Justice Work for Victims and Witnesses, Victims and Witnesses Bill - A Consultation Paper

The consultation paper contains proposals for a Victims and Witnesses Bill. The central objective of the Bill is to improve the experience of victims and witnesses within the criminal justice system.