Consultations 2013

Law reform

Scotland's draft budget 2014/15

The Scottish Government's spending plans for 2014/15 and indicative spending plans for 2015/16.

Consultation on the proposed merging of the Scottish Tribunals Service and the Scottish Court Service

A consultation on the unique character of both tribunals and courts and how the specialist expertise and distinctive ethos of tribunals could be maintained if the Scottish Tribunals Service (STS) and the Scottish Court Service (SCS) were merged.

Review of legal services regulation

The review will consider what could be done to simplify the regulatory framework and reduce unnecessary burdens on the legal sector while ensuring there is still appropriate oversight.

Balance of Competences Review: call for evidence on civil judicial cooperation

The Balance of Competences Review, launched by the UK Government in the summer of 2012, is an opportunity for people to have their say on what the EU does and how it affects the UK. This particular call for evidence is to examine the scope and nature of the EU's power to act in the area of civil judicial cooperation (including family matters).

Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council enquiry

The Justice Committee of the House of Commons is seeking views as to whether, following abolition of the AJTC:

  • The proposed arrangements for independent overview of the administrative justice and tribunals system, including the role and membership of the Administrative Justice Advisory Group, are satisfactory;
  • Sufficient resources and expertise will be available within the Ministry of Justice to carry out continuing functions undertaken hitherto by the AJTC;
  • The Government's estimate of cost savings arising from closing the AJTC is likely to be accurate
  • View the call for evidence on the UK Parliament website
  • The Law Society of Scotland evidence (February 2013)

Inquiry into post-legislative scrutiny

The Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee of the Scottish Parliament is tasked with considering possible approaches to carrying out post-legislative scrutiny in the Scottish Parliament, and to consider what changes are required to standing orders and the parliament's procedures.

The committee issued a call for evidence.