Environmental law

Consultation on proposals for future funding arrangements for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency

The consultation outlines important changes proposed to SEPA's funding arrangements:

  • moving to a single charging framework;
  • basing future charges on a combination of environmental risk and operator performance;
  • two main options for how the charges could be constructed;
  • substantial increases to charges for poor performance to reflect actual costs to SEPA;
  • ways to incentivise better performance;
  • voluntary levies for industry sectors;
  • voluntary agreements with industry for major projects.

This consultation also contains proposals for a new statutory purpose for SEPA. SEPA was set up by the Environment Act 1995 and the act does not specify a statutory purpose or objectives for its work.

A Landfill Tax for Scotland

This consultation paper sets out the Scottish Government's thinking on the proposed Scottish Landfill Tax.

Both the Society's Tax and Environmental Law Committees contributed to the response.