Planning law

Consultation on core areas of wild land 2013 map

The Scottish Government recently consulted on the main issues report for the National Planning Framework 3 and draft Scottish planning policy. These proposed a policy approach that refers to Scottish Natural Heritage's core areas of wild land 2013 map. 

Draft Scottish Planning Policy: Sustainability & Planning

Consultation paper setting out proposals for a revised section on Sustainability and Planning in Scottish planning policy.

A Joint Consultation on a Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland and the Merger of Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS)

This consultation seeks views on the future care and management of Scotland's historic environment. The Scottish Government is seeking views that will help shape the development of a long term strategy for Scotland's historic environment and inform the development of a new lead public body that will lead and support its delivery.

Draft Scottish planning policy for consultation

The Scottish planning policy is a statement of Scottish Government policy on how nationally important land use planning matters should be addressed across the country.