Criminal law

Post-corroboration Safeguards Review

The Review published a public consultation document asking a series of questions on topics such as guidelines for police evidence gathering, confession evidence, jury size and the three verdict system.

Select committee on extradition law call for evidence on Extradition Law

The Select Committee on the Extradition Law was set up on 12 June 2014. Its remit is “to consider and report on the law and practice relating to extradition, in particular the Extradition Act 2003”. The Committee will therefore be looking at the 2003 Act, to see whether it provides an effective and just extradition procedure, but will also consider whether the law and practice relating to extradition generally is satisfactory, and whether the law, practice and procedure might need amending. The Committee has to report by 5 March 2014.

Consultation on proposals to reform Fatal Accident Inquiries legislation

This consultation invites views on proposals to modernise legislation on Fatal Accident Inquiries

Consultation on the Arrangements for Training of Justices of the Peace in Scotland

The Lord President launched a review of the arrangements for training of Justices of the Peace in Scotland.  The consultation paper outlines the “case for change” and responses will assist the Lord President in determining what, if any, reforms may need to be made.

PE01501: Public inquiries into self-inflicted and accidental deaths following suspicious death investigations

This was a public petition calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce the right to a mandatory public inquiry with full evidence release in deaths determined to be self-inflicted or accidental, following suspicious death investigations.

A Consultation on the Future Direction of the Electronic Monitoring Service

This document seeks views on the operation of the current electronic monitoring service in Scotland as well as options for future development of the service which could include satellite tracking and remote alcohol monitoring.

Proposed Human Trafficking (Scotland) Bill

Proposal for a Bill to (a) require the creation of a Scottish anti-human trafficking strategy; (b) provide for the special treatment of human trafficking-related crime within the criminal justice system; and (c) provide for the support of survivors of human trafficking.