Equalities law

Language controls for healthcare and associated professions

Seeks views on changes to allow professional regulatory bodies to impose language controls on nursing, dental and pharmacy professionals.

Whistleblowing: prescribed persons - reporting requirements

Seeks views on the implementation of a legal power requiring prescribed persons to report on whistleblowing disclosures.

Assisting disabled people at airports: quality standards guidance

This consultation seeks views on draft guidance for airports about setting, monitoring and publishing quality standards for assisting disabled people.

Women On Board: Quality through Diversity, Scottish Government Consultation on the Introduction of Gender Quotas on Public Boards

This consultation will inform how the Scottish Government will shape its proposals to the UK Government on using legislation to achieve gender equality on the boards of our public bodies, through the use of mandatory quotas of women. It will capture the issues that would arise from this step for the organisations, individuals and bodies involved.

Consultation - Revised CAA proposal on information for PRM passengers

On 31 May 2013, the CAA published the statutory consultation on their statement of policy for discharging their information duties under sections 83-93 of the Civil Aviation Act 2012. One of the proposals was for airlines and airports to be required to display information about specified policies and services for persons with reduced mobility (PRMs), in a comparable format, on their website.