Family law

Section 1 Of The Married Women's Policies Of Assurance (Scotland) Act 1880 – Proposed Repeal

One of the Scottish Law Commission's functions is to recommend the repeal of obsolete legislation. This work is undertaken jointly with the Law Commission for England and Wales.

Child maintenance: correction of accidental errors

Proposal to introduce a new procedure for correcting administrative errors, known as accidental errors, in child maintenance decisions.

Consultation on the functioning of the Brussels IIa Regulation (EC 2201/2003)

The Regulation determinates in cross-border situations the responsible court for spouses who want to divorce, separate or annul their marriage. In relations between children and their parents, whether they are married or not, the Regulation determines the responsible court to settle parental responsibility disputes including custody and visiting rights, primarily aiming at the protection of the best interests of the child. In cases of cross-border parental child abduction the Regulation makes available a procedure to return the child to the place of his or her habitual residence.

In addition, the Regulation prevents parallel proceedings before the courts of different EU countries and aims at ensuring the free circulation of judgments, authentic instruments or agreements, based on the mutual trust among EU countries.

EU guidance on integrated Child Protection Systems

The aim of this consultation is to allow as wide a range of stakeholders and organisations as possible to contribute to the development of guidance on integrated child protection systems.

PE01513: Equal Rights for Unmarried Fathers

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review the laws that govern parental rights and child access, and their implementation, to ensure unmarried fathers have guaranteed rights to be a part of their children's lives if they are deemed fit parents.

Extending the Rights of Children with Capacity Under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 (as Amended) and Repealing Section 70 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 Consultation Paper

A consultation paper seeking comments on proposals to extend the rights of children with capacity under the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 (as amended) and proposals to repeal section 70 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980.