Obligations Law

Insurance Contracts Law Draft Bill

The English and Scottish Law Commissions have been working on a draft Bill on insurance contract law, addressing areas of reform not dealt with in the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012.

Expert Group on European Insurance Contract Law

The role of the Group is to assist the Commission by
  • identifying differences in national contract laws
  • determining to what extent these differences pose an obstacle to cross-border trade in insurance products
  • identifying the specific products and areas of insurance law most likely to be affected by such obstacles

Discussion Paper 157 - Review of Contract Law: Third Party Rights in Contract

The paper outlines the current law of third party rights in Scots law and considers why reform may be necessary. it addresses the nature of third party rights and discusses the appropriate terminology for use in any proposed reform.

Insurance Contract Law Draft Bill: Limited consultation on draft clauses

In January and March this year, the Scottish Law Commission released draft clauses of the Insurance Contracts Bill for consultation.