Criminal Law

Proposals to strengthen the presumption against short periods of Imprisonment

A Scottish Government consultation on proposals to strengthen the current presumption against short sentences in Scotland. The consultation seeks responses and views on two main questions, should the current presumption against sentences of three months or less be extended and secondly is a more radical review of the presumption and use of short-term imprisonment including the use of the remand required.

Proposed Prostitution Law Reform (Scotland) Bill

Jean Urquhart MSP has lodged a proposal for a Bill to decriminalise activities associated with the buying and selling of sexual services and to strengthen the laws against coercion in the sex industry.

Equally Safe – Reforming the criminal law to address domestic abuse and sexual offences

A consultation on proposals to create specific offences concerning domestic abuse and the non-consensual sharing of private, intimate images, the introduction of statutory jury directions in sexual offence cases, the extra-territorial effect of the law concerning sexual offences committed against children and the circumstances in which a court can grant a non-harassment order.