Planning Law

Independent Review of Planning

The Programme for Government 2015-2016 announced the intention to review the planning system.  The Review aims to achieve a quicker, more accessible and efficient planning process in order to build investor and community confidence in the system.

Scottish Law Commission Discussion Paper 159 - Compulsory Purchase Orders

This Discussion Paper sets out the current law on the matter, and asks questions about how it could be improved.  It also deals with the question of compensation, with a view to ensuring that the owner of property receives proper recompense for his or her loss.

The Paper suggests that there should be a new statute setting out the law so that everyone involved – public authorities, practitioners and landowners – can see clearly how the system works.

Historic Environment Scotland Act: Secondary Legislation Consultation Paper

This paper is seeking views on whether or not the Regulations take the best approach within the framework set by the Historic Environment Scotland Act, to achieve the stated aims of streamlining and transparency.

Consultation on the land use planning aspects of the Seveso III Directive on the control of major-accident hazards

A consultation on the proposed amendments to planning legislation to implement the land use planning elements of the Seveso III Directive.  It covers hazardous substances consent applications and relevant planning permission procedures.