Property and Land Law

Consultation on a statutory code of practice and training requirements for letting agents in Scotland

This consultation paper sets out a draft statutory Letting Agent Code of Practice and proposals for a training requirement that those applying to the Letting Agent Register must have met to be admitted.

Servitudes without a benefited property

The Scottish Government consulted on practical issues relating to servitudes for pipes and cables providing services to the public , and suggestions on how these issues could be dealt with

Overcrowding Statutory Notices. Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011, Part 3 – Consultation Document

Local authorities will be able to issue  Overcrowding Statutory Notices to landlords in cases where there is overcrowding in the private rented housing sector and this impacts on the wellbeing of anyone in the property, or of the surrounding area. The consultation seeks views on the form the notices to landlords should take, the information that should be provided to tenants, and the content and form of statutory guidance for local authorities.

Scottish Law Commission Discussion Paper 159 - Compulsory Purchase Orders

This Discussion Paper sets out the current law on the matter, and asks questions about how it could be improved.  It also deals with the question of compensation, with a view to ensuring that the owner of property receives proper recompense for his or her loss.

The Paper suggests that there should be a new statute setting out the law so that everyone involved – public authorities, practitioners and landowners – can see clearly how the system works.

Second Consultation on a New Tenancy for the Private Sector

This second consultation paper builds on the proposals outlined in the Scottish Government's first consultation on a New Tenancy for the Private Sector, held in late 2014. It takes account of the feedback and analysis from the first consultation and addresses the key issues raised. It also seeks views on these more-developed proposals.

Regulation of Letting Agents Training Requirement - Suggested approach

The Law Society engaged with the Scottish Government on its discussion paper 'Regulation of LettingAgents Training Requirement - Suggested approach'

Reforming the Electronic Communications Code

Consulting on changes to the Electronic Communications Code.

Regulation of Letting Agents: Register Entries and Application

A Consultation on the Future of Land Reform in Scotland

This consultation seeks views and input on the Scottish Government's draft Land Rights and Responsibilities Policy and proposals for a Land Reform Bill