Constitutional Law and Human Rights

House of Lords Constitution Committee inquiry into the legislative process

The House of Lords Constitution Committee is conducting a large-scale inquiry into the legislative process to follow its 2004 report on Parliament and the Legislative Process.

The Scottish Parliament's European & External Relations Committee Inquiry into Scotland's Relationship with the EU

The European and External Relations Committee is conducting an inquiry into the implications for Scotland’s relationship with the EU of the referendum result. In order to support that inquiry work, the Committee has agreed to issue a call for evidence on a range of issues relating to the implications of the referendum result for Scotland.

The Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry into Scotland's place in Europe

Following the vote to leave the EU the Scottish Affairs Committee is looking at available options for retaining Scotland's EU membership and the ways in which Scotland can best be represented in future negotiations.

Law Society of Scotland response to EU Justice sub committee

The Law Society of Scotland has responded to the EU sub-committee on Justice on the proposed Human Rights Act Appeal.

Response to the Strathclyde Review inquiry

Following the vote in the House of Lords on 26 October 2015 on the draft Tax Credits (Income Thresholds and Determination of Rates) (Amendment) Regulations 2015, the Government commissioned Lord Strathclyde to conduct a review of how Parliament handles secondary legislation – the legislation that includes all the rules and regulations that affect our daily lives.