Legal aid

Legal aid is a fundamental part of Scotland's legal system and society. It makes accessing legal representation and advice from a solicitor more affordable for those who need it.

Below is an explanation of some of the situations and cases where a member of the public might be eligible to receive legal aid.

To find out if you're eligible to receive legal aid, visit the Scottish Legal Aid Board's website.

You can use our website to search for a Scottish solicitor who does legal aid work. Make sure to tick the 'legal aid' box when searching.

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Examples of situations where legal aid is available


- If you're arrrested or charged with a crime legal aid can help ensure you receive the reprentation you need

Civil and children's legal aid

- Every year thousands of parents in Scotland need legal aid for cases about access to their children and decisions about who a child should live with.

- Families going through divorce or separation can access legal aid too, to make sure things are settled properly and fairly.

- If a spouse needs a protection order to keep them safe, legal aid can help.

- Legal aid is also often needed if a loved one becomes unwell and isn’t able to make their own care decisions.

- Legal aid cover cases that go through the Children’s Hearings system.

- As well as cases relating to the family, legal aid is available in Scotland for civil matters like housing, debt, immigration, making a court appeal, or challenging the decisions of a government body by judicial review.


There's more information on legal aid in our FAQ.

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