The accounts certificate is an important component of our regulatory tool box.  It takes the form of a questionnaire gathering data on practice units' compliance with the 2011 Accounts Rules.  Completion of the Accounts Certificate is therefore mandatory for all practice units in Scotland.

If you would like to prepare your answers in advance, you can download one of three 'paper' forms depending on your circumstances but these must be used for preparation purposes only. Your certificate must be completed and submitted online in the the members area of our website.

The accounts certificate can be accessed by signing into the members area of our website using your individual Cashroom Manager credentials.

If you have lost their username and password you should contact us at

Yes. Should you wish to prepare your answers in advance on paper, you can download a copy of the appropriate form on our website.

There are three 'paper' forms and you should select the appropriate one depending on whether you hold client monies (ACC1), you hold no client monies and submit to SLAB for payments (ACC2A) or hold no client monies and do not submit to SLAB for payments (ACC2B).

Only one online form will be available to you  in the members area. If this is not the correct one, and does not reflect the current status of your practice unit, please let us know at

This can be done by pressing the 'Find Firm' button and selecting your practice unit from the list.

You will need your reconciled client account(s) balances as at the certificate period end date and the previous quarter end date. You will also need a copy of your most recent year-end accounts. You might find it helpful to prepare your certificate on the downloadable paper copy provided, but you must submit your certificate online in the members' area of our website. 

There is a declaration page at the end of the certificate for you to enter your name, in confirmation that the information provided is correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge. 

Yes, you can. By clicking the 'find firm' button and selecting your practice unit, you can find your part completed form.

There is an option to upload this when answering the relevant question.

The system is designed to know when a question requires further information and will provide an additional pop up box for the relevant information.

A copy of your completed certificate will appear in the portal 24 hours after it has been reviewed by a member of the Law Society team. If you require a copy of the certificate emailed to you please email your request to

This information allows us to gather a better understanding of the overall health of the profession. This insight enables us to adopt a more risk-based approach in our role to protect the profession and the public.

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