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Many clients approach retirement with little or no idea how much money they need to fund the lifestyle that they want.

Our financial planners can help them achieve the retirement they deserve:

  • Are they on track? – we will discuss the client’s retirement goals and calculate how much money they need to achieve them. Using cashflow modelling software, we can then forecast future pension contributions alongside investment growth to see if they are on track or how much more they should be contributing.

  • Paying into a pension – our experts have the technical knowledge to help your client make the most of their allowances and tax benefits. We will make sure their pension investments are working hard until they start drawing an income.

  • Taking an income in retirement – we will help a client to find the most tax-efficient way of taking an income from their pensions, ISAs, other investments and cash savings. They can also calculate how much income the client can afford to take each year and how long their money should last.

  • Review progress – life plans change constantly. What a client is doing at age 60 could be completely different to what they do at 70. Throughout their retirement, we can meet with you and your client to make sure that their financial plan continues to meet their needs.

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