We have launched a new specialism in legal technology recognising one of the most exciting developments of the last few years has been the flourishing of new legal roles such as legal process engineer, legal analyst, legal technologist. We believe that this trend will continue and intensify over the coming years. To help the development of this new profession, we are launching a new professional status called: Accredited Legal Technologists.

The legal technologist

Our view is that legal technologists will usually work with other legal professionals to:

  • Deliver and present legal advice to clients differently
  • Collaborate with clients and other service providers to present legal advice
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive, labour intensive tasks
  • Reduce overheads and increase profitability
  • Improve knowledge management techniques
  • Ensure the safety of the data held within the organisation

This voluntary status aims to create a community of technologists globally who work to drive excellence in the legal technology profession. We hope that as the status develops over time this will become a quality marque that all working in legal technology will wish to hold as it provides assurance to the public, clients and to the legal profession.


  • Entitled to call yourself a Law Society of Scotland Accredited Legal Technologist
  • A unique, professional status which you can use in emails, on social media, and on business cards
  • Accreditation in a defined area of technology expertise
  • Specially tailored technologist newsletter
  • Exclusive Accredited Legal Technologist events and networking opportunities
  • Opportunity to join committees / take part in our mentoring programmes
  • The opportunity to work with us to further develop this status over the coming year

The initial launch is to our solicitor and accredited paralegal members. We plan to open the status up to the many other professionals working in legal technology in the near future. If you are interested in joining or hearing more please contact: tech@lawscot.org.uk .

Our long-term ambition is to create levels of accreditation and those who hold the status will play a key role in how that occurs.

For more information, please email us at tech@lawscot.org.uk

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