Our brand new package of career development resources for young professionals. 

With our online video resources and high-impact, half-day training events, we want to give young professionals the commercial skills they need to succeed in the workplace. 

These events are open to young professionals in any industry who want to develop their commercial business skills.

The key to career success

Developing your career means mastering more than black letter law. Here's who successful legal professionals really are:

Business people who practise law.

If you're an ambitious young professional in any market, this is what you need to aim for. You need to make sure you're developing the commercial skills to match your technical skills.

These commercial skills for business are what we want to help you develop.

How do I become a business person who practises law?

As with many things, the key is to go back to basics. Let's look at some words that we're very familiar with:

  • Presenting 
  • Business development 
  • Networking 
  • Negotiation

While these might be everyday expressions in the workplace, have you really thought about the true weight they carry in terms of defining your career? Often words like this relate to vague concepts and one-off behaviours, events or experiences. You need to understand how to integrate them into your everyday working life in order to truly reap the rewards that harnessing these skills brings.

Here's where Sandstone Communications come in

To help us deliver the training that hits the level you need we're partnering with specialists in this field, Sandstone Communications. Their diverse team includes a former Intelligence Officer, a professional services entrepreneur, the former CFO of Ralph Lauren, a Scottish Rugby International and an Olympic Skier. Their skills come from experience.

The Sandstone team will be working alongside us to identify what training themes you would most benefit from. 

We will be producing a series of videos and events to develop your commercial skills. Each video will address a core skill, contain 'top tips' and be available for everyone to watch on this page. 

Each video will be followed by a half day, high-impact training course, delivered by one of the Sandstone team.

Live events and resources

Presenting skills

Presenting is far from being just about PowerPoint. It's about looking at every interaction you have with people, from a phonecall to a boardroom pitch.