Introduction to Digital Evidence for Employment Tribunals & Family Courts (Free Recorded Webinar)

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CPD Hours: 1hour

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Manager, The Cyber Academy, Edinburgh Napier University and Expert Witness & Director, Strathclyde Forensics Ltd
Why attend?

Perhaps surprising to many people, an expert witness can have more family courts and employment tribunal experience than in criminal courts. Many criminal cases can often end up with a plea in the eleventh hour, whereas family or employment cases will end up in a hearing.

Digital evidence in family cases is something often still overlooked, and it can often provide groundbreaking evidence of events that transpired or actual behaviours. Many will not be aware of the coercive control that can exist in abusive relationships, and electronic equipment can be abusers downfall with the right expertise.

Employment tribunals will soon be mainly about digital evidence. Emails, memos, online postings, IT policies, internet browsing, apps, geolocation: you name it. There are digital traces in everything that is office related.

One of the biggest issues in these two categories is that lawyers may not be able to identify all possible sources of information related to their case. Due diligence can provide a better outcome for clients.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain awareness on the presence of digital evidence in family court cases and employment tribunals
  • Understand the other complex data relationships to be explored
  • Explore the considerations for Family and Employment lawyers to gain an expert opinion in certain cases, and the importance of having the right protocols in place to preserve a chain of evidence at the start of a matter


This is a free event