What lessons about wellbeing has the pandemic taught us? Recorded webinar (free)

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CPD Hours: 1hour

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In a panel event to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we look at conversations about wellbeing and mental health. Have they progressed, or at least become more commonplace, and what has actually changed for individuals in their working or personal lives?

Our panel of speakers reflect on various topics such as:

  • How have workplaces adapted to better support the wellbeing of employees?
  • What is the role of the employer in offering wellbeing support?
  • How can a manager’s actions have an impact on employee wellbeing?
  • What initiatives do you hope to see evolve/remain once we come out of the pandemic which you think have positively impacted wellbeing?
  • How have our speakers proactively managed their own mental health during this time?

Our panellists are:
Trish McLellan, Co-ordinator Scotland & Northern Ireland, LawCare
Tim Taylor, Associate, Hastings Legal
Charlotte Edgar, Associate, CMS and Law Society Council Rep for New Lawyers

Wellbeing webinars, modules and courses

Explore what resources are available to you to learn more about supporting your own and others' wellbeing, including links to free webinars, modules and links to external courses. These are relevant to anyone in the profession including managers and individual members of staff.


This is a free event