“the Law Society has gone to a great deal of effort to host and insightful, engaging programme linking technology with legal practice and training”
KT Lockhart, Lloyds Banking Group

"I really can’t commend it highly enough, the course was fantastic and the quality of the instruction was absolutely first-rate"
DLA Piper

“Highly insightful and interesting accounts of technology from various legal and non-legal perspectives”

“Lord Briggs was excellent in setting the standard and tone for the day”

“An incredibly diverse and dynamic panel and programme that made for incredibly insightful discussions on the relationship between law and technology and what we can expect to see over the coming years”

“Technology is something that has ever growing importance in the legal sector. The need to understand it and how it will shape the sector going forward is paramount so that lawyers can expand their skillsets, remain relevant and continue to meet the ever changing needs of their clients. The topics covered in the programme provided a useful insight into this and make it clear that technology isn’t something to be feared and that change should be embraced”

“The conference offered an excellent snapshot of legal tech today. A number of clear, posed questions and measured knowledge pieces were presented. I left with good jump starts to inform technology change for the business, and new pathways to understand how the lawyer can be directly and positively engaged”

“Insightful, up to date and a meaningful overview of technology in the legal sphere.”

“An entertaining and engaging journey through the field pf legal technology.”