Trust and accountability are fundamental to successful regulation of legal services. The regulator must have the trust of the clients and consumers of legal services; the regulator must to a large degree trust in its members that in the performance of their duties, standards and requirements are being upheld properly. The strength of the interdependent relationship between client, lawyer and regulator is one of the defining features of a robust and effective regulation regime,

Further, the regulator must secure the trust of government and anti-crime agencies that confidentiality in the provision of legal services is not covering up unethical or illegal behaviour. Above all the regulator must win the trust of the community it regulates – that it understands the changing environment in which they operate and that it is able and willing to remove the ‘bad actors’ from the profession, which bring it into disrepute.

This 7th International conference of legal regulators will examine these themes and others which are similarly important in a fast-changing world. The conference will provide participants with the opportunity to share experiences and reflect on how they are dealing with these issues in their own jurisdictions.

Session one: Introduction to ICLR 2019

John Mulholland, President Elect, Law Society of Scotland

Ash Denham MSP, Minister for Community Safety, Scottish Government

Moderator: David Lee

Craig Cathcart, Chair, Regulatory Committee, Law Society of Scotland
Other speakers TBC

Session two: Assuring competence

Speakers TBC

  • Regulation and independence
  • Entity and legal market regulation
  • Role of the state
  • Access to justice

Hosted by Law Society of Scotland
Moderator: David Lee

Christine McLintock, Past President, Law Society of Scotland
Professor Stephen Mayson, leading Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation
Stephan Göcken, Executive Director, German Federal Bar
Other speakers TBC

Catriona Watt, Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers
Jane Malcolm, Director of External Affairs, SRA
Other speakers TBC

  • Price transparency
  • Winning confidence
  • Complaints and publication of findings

Ellyn Rosen
, ABA Regulation and Global Initiatives Counsel
Victoria Rees, Director, Professional Responsibility, Nova Scotia Barristers Society
Iain Miller, Partner, Kinglsley Napley LLP and Chair of Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
Other speakers TBC

  • Regulating lawyers in public office
  • Lawyers advising government
  • Regulation and the political realm
  • Activism and ethics
  • Serving the public interest
Session three: Changing nature of the profession

Fiona McLeay
, Legal Services Commissioner and CEO, Victorian Legal Services Board
Sara Carnegie, Director, Legal Projects, International Bar Association
Zelda Perkins, Campaigner and formerly Weinstein Company

  • Me Too and sexual harassment
  • Make up of the profession

Patricia Schwartz, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Supreme Court of State of Delaware
Other speakers TBC

  • Foreign legal consultant role
  • Multi-disciplinary practices and fee sharing
  • Emerging regulators
  • Relationship with state
  • Global trends
  • Lawyers in public office

Ian Messer, Director of Financial Compliance, Law Society of Scotland

Other speakers TBC

Hosted by Law Society of Scotland
Moderator: David Lee

Eilidh Wiseman, Past President, Law Society of Scotland

Session four: Ethics, standards and navigating change

Fiona J Robb, Director of Professional Practice, Law Society of Scotland
Other speakers TBC

  • Risk management
  • Client trust funds and third parties
  • Alternative legal services providers

The Rt Hon Lord Carloway, Lord President of the Court of Session

Session one: Technology – changing regulators and the profession

Moderator: David Lee

Alison Hook, Consultant to Legal Services Board
Heike Lörcher, Head of Brussels Office, The German Federal Bar
Anna Bradley, SRA
Other speakers TBC

  • Legal needs survey

Sarah Sutherland, Director Programmes and Partnerships, CanLII
Ivan Mokanov, Lexum
Joan Janssen, Director of Legal Services, Ministry of Law, Singapore
John McKinlay, Convenor, Technology Law  and Practice Committee, Law Society of Scotland

  • Digital content
  • Big data
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Artificial intelligence and regulation

Bridget Gramme, Administrative Director, Center for Public Interest Law, University of San Diego School of Law;

Justice Deno Himonas, Utah Supreme Court
Art Lachman, co-chair, Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers’ Future of Lawyering Committee and attorney in Washington
Jayne Reardon, Executive Director Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.

Session two: Education, training and access

Hosted by Law Society of Scotland
Moderator: David Lee

Liz Campbell, Executive Director of Education & Training, Law Society of Scotland
Other speakers TBC

Prof Alan Paterson, Professor of Law, University of Strathclyde
Other speakers TBC

  • Benchmarking the profession
  • Assessments and measurements
  • Raising standards and improved outcomes
  • Proportionate regulation
Session three

Johan Riijlaarsdam, President, The Netherlands Bar
Other speakers TBC

Hosted by Law Society of Scotland

Jolyon Maugham QC, Good Law Project
Other speakers TBC

  • Unenforceable clauses
  • Non disclosure agreements
  • Employment and Housing
  • Ethical questions and challenges for regulators

Neil Stevenson, Chief Executive, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
Other speakers TBC

Dr Vanessa Davies, Director General, Bar Standards Board

  • Interactive and participatory session
  • Crafting a code of conduct
  • Public expectation in modern age
Session four: Geo politics, societal changes and fractured democracy – what next for regulators and lawyers?

Jolyon Maugham QC, Devereux Chambers and Good Law Project

  • Regulation across borders post Brexit
  • Why law matters in ‘post truth’ world

Lorna Jack, Chief Executive, Law Society of Scotland  

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