Please note: The programme is subject to change, full details will be published in due course.

Session two: Business models
  • Benchmarking you v your peers
  • Loans and cashflow what is the most appropriate funding structure
  • Financial visibility/ clarity who manages the cash?
Session three: Workshops - delegates to choose one of the following
Session four: Adherence to ethical standards and the complaints process

Complaints avoidance and handling are routinely identified by partners as the single most important aspect of partnership. It is therefore vital that all partners understand and adhere to the complaints regime. This includes:

  • Common causes of complaint
  • Complaints process
  • Ethics
  • Professional conduct
  • Wellbeing
  • Policy and research
  • Professional Practice
  • Trainees
  • Next step courses
  • Lawscot Foundation

In groups discuss and answer these questions:

  • What was the most important and least important part of today?
  • What was missing today and what would you include to prepare new partners in future?