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David Lee
Director, David Lee Media & Events

Kenneth Dalling
President, Law Society of Scotland
Session One: Essential responsibilities of becoming a partner

Kenneth Dalling
President, Law Society of Scotland

Anne Macdonald
Partner, Harper Macleod

Scott Foster
S&S Foster Associates, Training and Management Consultancy
  • Stakeholder: strategy, unity, personnel and succession
  • Operations: performance, cash flow, over reliance, tech infrastructure
  • Markets: over dependence, price pressure, market share
  • Capital: covenant breaches, working capital, re-financing

Fraser Sinclair
Head of AML, MacRoberts
  • The legal sector context
  • Key Legislation
  • Fundamentals of compliance
  • Engagement
Session Two: Regulations and ethics

Sharon Brownlee
Financial Compliance Manager, Law Society of Scotland
  • Monitoring accounts – scams pre and post covid
  • Anonymous case studies
  • Running a cashroom remotely
  • Update on regulations

Antony McFadyen
Senior Solicitor, Acting Head of Professional Practice, Law Society of Scotland

Lucy Stewart
Senior Solicitor, Professional Practice Team, Law Society of Scotland

Vicky Crichton
Director of Public Policy, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

Susan Williams
Best Practice Advisor, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

Complaints avoidance and handling are routinely identified by partners as the single most important aspect of partnership. It is therefore vital that all partners understand and adhere to the complaints regime.

This includes:

  • Common causes of complaint
  • Complaints process
  • Ethics
  • Professional conduct
Session Three: Essential skills and behaviours

Michael Fleming
Head of KWC Legal, Kissing With Confidence
  • Business Development in lockdown and the new virtual world – what’s changed?
  • Getting comfortable with “selling” – avoiding the “hard sell” and the “never sell” lunch loop
  • Why optimists outsell pessimists and why you need to re-chip your thinking
  • Learning to embrace rejection: “no” is the second best answer to “yes”!
  • The opportunities for developing more trust in the virtual business world – the power of small talk, “intimacy” and appropriate self, disclosure
  • Time: making time for Business Development and prioritising it
  • Systems: getting more organised and systematic in your approach to Business Development
  • Following-up with and keeping in touch with contacts and clients
Session Three continued: Workshops

Darren Kerr
Careers and Wellbeing Manager, Law Society of Scotland

Kenny Robertson
Head of Outsourcing, Technology & IP Legal, RBS; and Chair, Wellbeing Steering Group, Law Society of Scotland,

Elaine MacGlone
Equality and Diversity Manager, Law Society of Scotland

Rob Marrs
Head of Education, Law Society of Scotland

Lisa Gallagher
Director and Co-Founder, Flexibility Works
Session Four: Strategic thinking and decision making

Groups will be assigned one of the topics below to discuss as a leadership group, and asked to devise a policy document for a firm on that topic, identifying key commitments that a law firm should make to self, staff, clients and profession.

  • Developing people
  • Wellbeing
  • Exit strategy and succession plan
  • Marketing and business developmemt

Lorna Jack
Chief Executive, Law Society of Scotland
  • Wellbeing
  • Professional Practice
  • Trainees
  • Starting your own practice
  • Next step courses
  • Lawscot Foundation