Trainee Continuing Professional Development

All trainees must complete a minimum of 60 hours CPD training over the two-year period of their training contract. Of these 60 hours, 40 must be specialised trainee CPD (TCPD) taken with an authorised provider, while the remaining 20 hours can be made up from regular CPD.

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As an authorised TCPD provider, we can provide you with a structured programme that provides 50 accredited TCPD hours over the course of four modules.

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Our TCPD programme operates on a rolling basis through out the year allowing you to enrol onto the course at any point, although it is recommended that you start the programme around month six of your traineeship. Please note there is currently a waiting list for mentors but one will be assigned to you as soon as possible.
Update TCPD

The best way to look at TCPD is as complementing your training contract. Our course is designed to support and guide you in your professional development, rather than being a course that you pass or fail. The learnings that you take away from our programme are designed to be ones that will help improve your approach and skills in your legal career.

Our TCPD programme enables you to achieve the following PEAT 2 learning outcomes:

  • Professionalism
  • Professional communication
  • Professional ethics and standards
  • Business, commercial, financial and practice awareness

The programme encourages you to direct your own learning and improve on your future performance by being commercially focused, flexible and equipped to address the everyday challenges in your practice.  You will be encouraged to identify and build on your strengths, to set your own learning targets and to provide evidence of your achievements.

The course is unique in that over 60% of the course is distance learning, with only three instances where you are required to attend an event out of office. This means you can choose when and where to conduct your learning. You will also be assigned an expereinced solicitor mentor who will guide you through the course, review your skills as well as offering general professional development advice.

Our flexible approach means you can choose to undertake all four modules or a selection of them. Modules 3 and 4 are electives and module 1 must be taken alongside if either or both are selected.

Programme modules

It is suggested that module 1 is completed between months 6-18 of your traineeship, allowing you to get settled in your new role and then supporting you during the transition of year one to two.

Module 1 will help you to:

  • Recognise and value what you are good at
  • Build confidence in yourself and your professional judgement
  • Look at where you want to be two to five years from now so as to put in place specific actions to allow you to get there
  • Work with an independent mentor over a 12 month period who will support your learning and development
  • Collate all your work to enable you demonstrate your skills and abilities to third parties, help you build your CV and complete job application

The exercises are designed for you to be self-reflective and analytical, to help build your confidence and to demonstrate that you have met the PEAT 2 learning outcomes.

You are required to complete an ethics course betweeen within months 9 to 15 of your traineeship, regardless of which TCPD programme you choose to do. Our ethics module comprises written exercises, online webinars and an ethics debate.

The aim of this module is to develop your abilities in:

  • Dealing with the complexities of ethical choices
  • The formal requirements of confidentiality, conflict of interest and anti-money laundering.

This module will help you apply your knowledge about ethics and professional standards on PEAT 1/DLP and combine it with your practice experience to date.

Module 3 is based on a case study and requires you to complete written work and attend a training day.

It is designed to help you to:

  • Develop your negotiation, drafting and writing skills
  • Practice the skills you use when working with clients such as:
    • taking instructions
    • probing for clarity of information
    • explaining what options are available in relation to the legalities of their situation
    • obtaining instructions to settle.

The training day will involve role play based around the case study and you will work in a team of trainees with an actor playing the role of your client.

This module is based on a case study of a law firm and requires you to consider a number of problems facing the firm, including financial and business matters, inter-partner tensions and a formal complaint. It is made up from written work, an online webinar and a training day.

This module will help you develop:

  • Your skills in handling the inter-personal dynamics of partners and associates
  • Your commercial awareness
  • Your commercial and business skills in the context of running a law firm, including :
    • planning
    • risk management
    • responding to changes in the way legal services are delivered

During the training day, you will work in a team of trainees and with an actor playing the role of one of the partners of the firm.

Why Update TCPD?

Update TCPD allows you to:

  • Achieve your PEAT 2 Learning Outcomes and demonstrate that you meet the standards of a ‘qualifying solicitor’
  • Access the total range of support provided by the Law Society of Scotland
  • Undertake the majority of work in your own time through distance learning
  • Gain useful, practical experience
  • Be guided by experienced expert mentors and tutors
Additional information

Our TCPD programme operates on a rolling basis through out the year allowing you to enrol onto the course at any point, although it is recommended that you start the programme around month six of your traineeship.

The majority of the course is completed remotely in your own time, but there are two full training days and an evening debate that you will be required to attend.

The debates (for module 2 - ethics) are organised on an ad hoc basis to fit in with your month 9-15 time period. The training days (modules 3 and 4) usually take place in November and February. In all instances, you will be contacted in advance with further details.


Individual module prices are:

Module 1: £300 +VAT                                        
Module 2: £200 +VAT
Module 3: £200 +VAT
Module 4: £200 +VAT

If all four modules are enrolled in as a package, there is a reduced total price of £800 +VAT.


If you have any queries please contact Lucy Ozanne at or 0131 476 8360.