In-house Lawyers Committee

In 2015 the Society set up the In-house Lawyers Committee (ILC) as a committee sitting with in the Society's governance.  The ILC continues the work of the In-House Lawyers' Group (ILG), which was established in 1973 as a non-regulatory, independent committee of the Society. 

The ILC represents, supports and promotes the interests and status of our members working in-house in Scotland and beyond.

For more information please contact the Committee Secretary, Fraser Hudghton by email or on 0131 476 8132.

James Honan - Financial Conduct Authority

James works for the Financial Conduct Authority in London in the Wholesale Banking Enforcement team.  In simpler and less hyperbolic terms that means his team conducts investigations and builds cases against the likes of investment banks, funds, PLCs and senior management individuals for alleged breaches of the FCA’s rules and/or the criminal law.  This can include conduct such as market abuse, insider dealing or breaches of the rules in the FCA handbook for example.  The teams are typically made up of lawyers, accountants and ex law enforcement.  James says, "I try to kid myself on that I’m a corporate Batman but caring colleagues insist that Robin might be more apt!" 

James' previous experience includes working in-house at a bank and as a criminal prosecutor with COPFS.  He trained at Maclay Murray & Spens. 

He joined the committee to learn more about the work needed to be done to help in-house lawyers and to work with lawyers from a broad range of industries.  There’s a breadth and depth of experience on the committee and everyone is very friendly.