Brussels Agenda: in-house focus

20 June 2016

Latest edition of the Brussels Agenda features articles by and for in-house solicitors. 

The Society’s joint Brussels office, shared with the Law Society of England & Wales and the Law Society of Northern Ireland, publishes a monthly bulletin for solicitors across the three jurisdictions.

The most recent edition of the Brussels Agenda (published in mid-June 2016) focuses squarely on in-house solicitors: their role, their challenges and their aspirations.

Features include:

  • The Evolution of the In-House Lawyer by Lynda Towers, outgoing Convener of the In-House Lawyers Committee of the Law Society of Scotland
  • In-House Lawyers in Business by Janice More, Executive Director and General Counsel at The Law Society of England & Wales
  • Key Challenges for Aspiring In-House Lawyers by JP Irvine, General Counsel and Company Secretary at Translink in Northern Ireland
  • Profiles of two in-house lawyers working in Scotland who started their legal careers elsewhere in Europe
  • Legal Professional Privilege for In-House Lawyers: the European context, a reminder of the current position from the Brussels office
  • How to Successfully Progress your In-House Career by Robert Bourns, Vice President of The Law Society of England & Wales 

Read the June 2016 edition of the Agenda for these insights and more from the Brussels office.

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