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Find a Solicitor update

10 March 2015

Changes to be made to new-look Find a Solicitor tool based on feedback from in-house lawyers.

Some in-house lawyers have been in touch to say that it wasn’t very clear how to find in-house solicitors on the recently relaunched Find a Solicitor function of the website.

We thank everyone who got in touch with feedback and as result of your comments we are going to revert to the previous method of displaying all solicitors both private practice and in-house on the same list.

Although used by the profession, Find a Solicitor is equally a tool used by the public and we believed having both in-house and private practice on the same list could prove unhelpful to a member of the public looking for a solicitor (and unhelpful to in-house solicitors receiving misdirected enquiries).

In our recent revamp of Find a Solicitor we sought to address the problem. Unfortunately our solution seemed to cause a larger issue with in-house solicitors trying to check their registration.

We launched the service without much fanfare to see how it would perform in a live environment. Clearly, judging by the number of enquiries by in-house solicitors over the last couple of weeks, the separated list feature was causing problems. We are happy to acknowledge that change didn’t work and that we need to revert to the original display.

We are currently scheduling the change to be made with our web developers and it should be completed within a few weeks.

Any solicitor wishing to update the areas of work on their profile can do so via the members’ login area.