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22 April 2013

ILG gossip

We'd love you to join our 400-plus followers on Twitter or our 100-plus group members on LinkedIn if you haven't already. Here's a snippet of what you've been missing on Twitter since our last newsletter in January - it's amazing what you can fit into 140 characters!

Incredible in-house facts

We started regularly providing some ILG facts to give a bit more insight into ILG and our members in a short 'n' snappy way. Here are the facts we've published so far: In-house facts.

Live reports from our events

We often tweet live from our ILG events and other events we're attending to give our followers all the gossip if they didn't make it along (though obviously we'd prefer it if you did!). Some of our members and speakers also tweet from or about our events.

Hot topics

A hot topic for in-house lawyers on social media recently has been the billable hour. Here are a couple of interesting articles/blogs on the topic that we shared on social media:

News as it happens

We shared interesting developments as they happened, such as:

Your importance

  • We shared a great quote from @LexFuturus, Head of Global Legal Services Transformation at PwC, in March: "In-house counsel now conduct the orchestra. Law firms have to decide, now they can't be the whole orchestra, what instrument they will play." We thought it was the in-house quote of the month.

Helping your career

We gave some careers advice, asking: have you considered writing an in-house legal blog to build your personal profile as an expert or to promote your organisation? Legal social media trainers will tell you blogging, then posting a link to your blog on social media sites is key to building that profile. For inspiration check out two great UK in-house blogs by Tim Bratton and Tom Kilroy.

Here's a round up of some of the best careers articles and blogs from around the world for in-house lawyers which we found on Twitter recently:


Most of all, if you haven't been on Twitter or LinkedIn you've missed a great way to network and 'meet' new people who could help your career, become a sponsor, mentor or friend. One young law graduate recently got a traineeship because of her tweets. People get jobs and opportunities because of LinkedIn everyday. What are you waiting for?

For more information

The Society issues advice about using social media - Social Media - Advice and Information for the Legal Profession

By Sara Scott, Vice Chair of the ILG Committee