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11 January 2013

Are you making the best use of social media?

A recent Society survey showed that 45% of in-house solicitors in the private sector and only 14% in the public sector regularly use LinkedIn. In both sectors regular Twitter use is low at less than 10%. This is behind some of our private practice colleagues and non-legal colleagues. Could you make better use of social media in 2013? It's not going away so we need to embrace it. What's more it can help our own careers - this is particularly true for building your professional network on LinkedIn. ILG has already had some events on social media for in-house solicitors. If you're interested in some more practical training or tips, just let us know!

Why not join the debate in our LinkedIn group or follow us on Twitter. You can expect to hear news from us, special offers for our events plus useful articles about in-house issues from around the world. You may make some new contacts. Plus you can share your own content, pose questions and start discussions as much or as little as you want!

By Sara Scott, ILG Vice Chair