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Scottish Government Include Society Equality Standards in Procurement

27 February 2015

This article explains how the Society's newly-introduced voluntary Equality Standards for solicitors are now being included in the Scottish Governments procurement process

The Law Society of Scotland has taken the first steps in introducing a new equality framework for legal practice and teams in Scotland, by publishing ten voluntary standards. 

This is especially relevant to in-house teams because one key aspect of this framework was also to help those contracting for legal services, whether they are covered by the Public Sector Duties of The Equality Act 2010, or they are in the private sector but simply want to promote equality in their procurement practice. 

We are especially pleased the Scottish Government has included this new standard in their current procurement exercise for their own legal panel for the next four years.  This is as one element of suggested continuous improvement expected of law firms they appoint to their panel. We are very keen to work with others, like yourselves, to promote the standard and hope this improves the quality and consistency of equality information you may seek from firms, makes it more efficient for both parties, and really helps to tackle issues in the sector our evidence base shows are present. 

The ten standards are supplemented by supportive handbooks for law firms and legal teams, and over the coming year will become formal regulatory guidance, with additional details added on ways to meet the standards.  Further information is available at:

We also have a separate and unique opportunity for one business to become a strategic partner to all our equality work. This partnership would enable you to engage directly with Scottish businesses and individuals within the sector and showcase your organisations own corporate social responsibility practices. Over the three year partnership, your organisation will have the ability to be a key driver of strategic change by supporting the legal sector, its professionals and key client community. Details of the potential partnership can be downloaded from:

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