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The future of the In-House Lawyers’ Group

30 June 2015

Following our survey, the Law Society Council made a decision on the future of the ILG


In our last newsletter we asked you for your views on the future of the ILG and its committee. The survey results showed a desire for change and last week, the Law Society Council agreed to set up a new in-house lawyers’ committee.

The new committee will sit within the Society’s committee structure and continue the work of the ILG committee in providing representation, support and services tailored to in-house lawyers.

Christine McLintock, president of the Law Society of Scotland said: “I’m delighted to announce that a decision has been made to bring the work of the In-House Lawyers’ Group closer to the heart of the organisation.

“Almost a third of our members work in-house and we want to make sure that the Society is focussed on delivering services that are important to them.”

What does this mean for ILG members?

Initially it will be business as usual. There will be a transition period and the current members of the ILG committee have been invited to transfer to the new committee. This will mean that we will be able to start planning for the next year to ensure a seamless transfer of work from the ILG Committee to the new committee.

During the transition period, the convener of the new in-house lawyers’ committee will be Lynda Towers, the current ILG Committee Chair. After the first year, the committee convener will be elected by the whole in-house membership and will continue to be a co-opted member of the Society’s Council so issues of interest and concern to in-house members will continue to be represented at Council meetings.

What does this mean for the ILG?

The ILG has its own constitution and is required to hold an AGM every year. The ILG Committee is currently considering the feedback from the survey earlier this year to decide whether to propose that the Group constitution is wound up permanently or to suspend the constitution for an interim period until the new committee is settled in.

We will keep you fully updated on the work of the committee as the transition as it progresses. 

If you have any questions you can speak to Elaine MacGlone, Secretary to the ILG Committee, at or 0131 226 8887 (Wednesday to Friday) or any of the ILG Committee members (contact details available here).