Representing the Scottish legal profession across the globe

While we’re proud to work on behalf of and with the Scottish legal profession at home, much of what we do involves engaging with other organisations and groups across the globe. It helps us ensure that wherever in the world you happen to be – whether it’s in the EU or further afield - the Scottish legal profession is known and respected.

We participate in the European ‘Find a Lawyer’ and ‘Find a Notary’ projects which mean our members can be found by solicitors and consumers across Europe. It also allows our members to search for other legal professionals across the continent.

Information on issues affecting solicitors, their clients and the wider public around leaving the EU.

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Our international engagement gives us a number of ways to build on our strategic aim to lead and support a successful and respected Scottish legal profession.

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The Society has had an office in Brussels since January 1993. It is a joint office which is shared with the Law Society of England & Wales and the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

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