UK Law Societies’ Joint Brussels Office Report

The Joint Brussels Office of the UK Law Societies has published a report analysing and highlighting the main legal issues that are important for all who have cross-border links, whether it is through trade or because of family members for whom Brexit will have consequences. It also addresses the key issues faced by the legal practitioners.

LSBO Brexit report

UK Law Societies' Joint Brussels Office Report


Negotiation Priorities on leaving the EU: Proposals by the Law Society of Scotland

We have now had the chance to review the political landscape in which the next steps will unfold. The Prime Minister has indicated that she will notify the European Council of the decision to withdraw the UK from the EU in March 2017. Accordingly the Society has prepared a proposal paper to inform the UK Government about the legal issues we consider to be most pressing for the negotiation process.

Brexit Priorities (3)

The Law Society of Scotland's proposal paper


EU Referendum Discussion Paper

As a firmly non-partisan organisation, the Law Society did not advocate one view or another in the June 2016 referendum on EU membership. We recognised that there were differing views among our membership, just as across our society as a whole, but the vote to leave the EU does raise a number of legal issues and questions that are important to for us all to consider – whether as a solicitor or as a client in Scotland, the UK and across the EU.

Having sought our members' views, we issued a discussion paper on the issues raised by the referendum on EU membership.


Discussion Paper

Referendum on EU Membership - Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper 3  

Referendum on EU Membership - Facts and Figures


Consultation responses and parliamentary work