Scottish Legal Services Coordination Group

Following the launch of the UK Government’s revised policy on promoting the UK’s legal services sector in March 2013, a group was established to coordinate the promotion of the Scottish legal and dispute resolution services to an international market.

The group, which brings together representatives of UK and Scottish Governments, the legal profession, the alternative dispute resolution sector, business organisations and international agencies, aims to achieve a consistent approach to the promotion of the legal profession in Scotland and of Scotland as a forum for dispute resolution by agreeing core messaging and by creating and sharing information on opportunities for such promotion.  

The group includes representatives from:

  • The Faculty of Advocates
  • The Law Society of Scotland
  • The Office of the Advocate General (UK Government)
  • The Scottish Arbitration Centre
  • Scottish Council for Development & Industry
  • Scottish Development International (SDI)
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Scottish Financial Enterprise
  • The Scottish Government Justice Directorate
  • VisitScotland

The group also works closely with UK Trade and Industry and the UK Ministry of Justice to make sure that its work is aligned with the UK government’s action plan. 

Examples of work so far

The group meets quarterly and a number of action points from meetings have been taken forward, including:

  • providing Scottish messaging to UK agencies for use in promoting UK legal and dispute resolution services internationally ( now being circulated around the UK Government’s global network)
  • developing materials for the promotion of Scottish legal and dispute resolution services throughout its network. 
  • meeting the Lord Mayor of London in Edinburgh in February 2014 to raise awareness of Scotland’s unique selling points in respect of legal and dispute services for use on the Lord Mayor’s overseas trade missions. 
  • meeting with Simon Hughes MP, Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties in August 2014 to discuss the UK Government’s commitment to promoting Scottish legal and dispute resolution services alongside other UK legal services.

The group also coordinated the Scottish element of the programme for the Global Law Summit in London in February, which included sessions organised by the Law Society of Scotland, Faculty of Advocates and Scottish Arbitration Centre, working with colleagues from education, private practice and the judiciary, on topics such as commercial contracts, ejustice and energy and dispute resolution.

For further information about the work of the group, contact