Further questions

How will professional principles and core values be safeguarded?

All solicitors will be expected to work to their professional principles and the profession's core values. The Act provides a set of professional principles to which LPs must adhere. They must:

  • support the proper administration of justice
  • act with independence and integrity
  • act in the best interests of their clients
  • maintain good standards of work
  • comply with duties normally owed to the court when i) exercising a right of audience, or ii) conducting litigation in relation to proceedings in any court

Furthermore, the Act requires both regulators and LPs to act in a way that is compatible with the regulatory objectives which are set out in section 1. These include:

  • supporting the constitutional principle of the rule of law
  • protecting and promoting both the interests of consumers and the public interest more generally
  • promoting an independent, strong, varied and effective legal profession
  • promoting adherence to the professional principles