Further questions

How will standards be maintained?

Scottish solicitors must adhere to a set of core values, as well as to standards of conduct rules which are set by the Society. To ensure that LPs adhere to the same standards, the Act provides a set of regulatory objectives, with which all LPs must act compatibly; and professional principles to which all LPs must adhere. Approved regulators, who are obliged to act compatibly with the regulatory objectives, must create a regulatory scheme to which the legal services providers that they licence have to adhere.

In practice, it is the responsibility of the LP's head of legal services to ensure compliance with the regulatory objectives, professional principles and the approved regulator's scheme. Under the Act, every LP is obliged to appoint a head of legal services who must be a qualified solicitor in possession of a current practising certificate. It is his or her duty to ensure that the firm meets all of its obligations.