August 2014

Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill (DRIP)

The Society’s Privacy Law Committee wrote to Scottish MPs and Peers on the Bill that was introduced and passed under emergency legislation procedure in just four days.  The Bill is aimed at companies that provide telephone and internet connections, and outlines the legal obligations they will have to retain data on their customers, such as calls made, to whom and at what time. It does not include the content of such communications.  The committee raised a number of concerns including the speed at which it was passed and that it was not subjected to the usual level of scrutiny that each parliamentary stage usually requires, and that there appeared to be no consultation with Scottish Government or Scottish stakeholders on the implications of DRIP for Scotland.  It also questioned the need for the emergency legislative procedure, considering the CJEU judgment that prompted the legislation was passed in April of this year. 

The full letter can be read here