December 2014

Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill

Jack Cummins, member of the Society’s Licensing Law Sub- Committee was part of a panel which provided oral evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Regeneration Committee on Wednesday 19th November. 

Jack expressed the Society’s concern that the bill had failed to address a number of the practical measures adversely affecting the trade, Licensing Boards, clerks and practitioners alike such as the lack of a site only application which was previously available under the Licensing(Scotland) Act 1976 and the current difficulties in transferring or surrendering a licence. 

He also expressed some concern around the double licensing system envisaged for Sexual Entertainment Venues in that different criteria will be applied by different authorities Licensing Boards and Councils) in respect of the same premises.

He stated that, on the basis that a separate licence should have to be obtained ,it should also be the Licensing Board who regulate this process as opposed to the Council as the Board are better placed to consider the suitability of premises which are already licensed for the sale of alcohol. 

The Society’s written response can be found on our website.