July 2014

Infrastructure Bill

The Bill was introduced in June but only two clauses relate to Scotland. Part 4, clause 26, gives the Secretary of State a power to make regulations for a community electricity right. This right will allow residents and groups in a community to buy a stake in a local renewable electricity generation facility that is located onshore or offshore. Part 4, clause 27, permits regulations to be made which confer functions on others in relation to the community electricity right. The principle of community right to buy in respect of renewable energy projects is a matter of government policy, and the Society has restricted its comments to the implementing regulations, the terms of which will need to be consulted on in early course if the government is going to successfully engage both developers and community groups and, which will need to find the correct balance between (a) the political objective of encouraging community involvement in renewable energy projects and (b) encouraging private sector development in renewable energy projects - which is another key government objective.

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