June 2014

Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill

The Society's Licensing Law Committee welcomed the introduction of the bill in May.  The committee broadly agrees with the measures proposed in the bill, but question whether or not it will have the desired effect of properly regulating the use of air weapons in Scotland.  Where the bill proposes a single air weapon certificate should cover all air weapons held by an individual, the committee suggests that such a certificate should hold a list of all the weapons held by that individual otherwise the police will not know how many are in circulation.  The committee also suggest that there should be an incentive scheme to register or pass on unwanted air weapons to the police to remove them from circulation and avoid the potential for a surge in sales of air weapons before the licensing scheme comes into operation, with the result that many of these weapons may end up in the wrong hands.  The committee also support the tighter licensing of scrap metal dealers and the introduction of timescales with regards to alcohol licensing applications which are currently open ended.  The Committee will be considering the bill in full detail and will be submitting written evidence to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee in due course.

Documentation will be available on the Society's website.