June 2014

Disabled Parking Badges (Scotland) Bill

In its stage 1 brief the Society's Equality Committee reemphasised its general support of the policy intent behind the bill to tackle fraudulent misuse of the blue badge scheme.  Misuse of the blue badge scheme can already be prosecuted under the common law offence of fraud, meaning this new offence duplicates existing law.  The new offence is also one of strict liability meaning someone may find themselves being prosecuted for a genuine error or mistake in using a cancelled blue badge unintentionally.  The Committee also raised some concerns surround the introduction of non-uniformed enforcement officers, citing that this may give rise to confrontational situations, and that the public will have no way of knowing if any identification card shown is genuine.  The Committee will be submitting stage 2 amendments to the Scottish Parliament in June.

Read the full documentation on the bill.